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Live tweeting: the new live blogging

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Being fairly new to Twitter, I’m slowly trying to figure out who to follow, and why I should be following them. Last night, I wished I was following more political journalists and health care policy folks. I follow a couple of people who were live tweeting the House debate on health care, and I myself was twittering through it (though not for journalistic reasons).

I was surprised, and kind of disappointed, to see the number of news orgs and reporters that I do follow that weren’t live tweeting or at least giving regular updates. A simple search of #hcr just showed a bunch of crap — mostly from people like me: those who were watching the debates, and had the occasional thought or reaction to the happenings. What I really hoped for was more information from the beat reporters and policy wonks who know this stuff inside and out.

A TechCrunch article yesterday blasts citizen journalism and its ability to pollute the stream of information with low-quality, unvetted, mis-information. Paul Carr specifically cites the Twitter feed of a soldier on the base during the Fort Hood shootings last week. His ultimate conclusion: “There was just one problem: Moore’s information was bullshit too.”

Last night would have been a great night for reporters to put live tweeting to use — as one pointed out, it’s slicker and easier to do than live blogging. It also seems like a great way for journalists to promote lots of solid information to an audience they might not otherwise reach. Hopefully the next time around I’ll find more folks to follow.


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November 8, 2009 at 2:16 pm

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